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Alessandra Malerba is a Ph.D. student of the LAST-JD programme and Laura Massocchi
is a LL.M. student in EU Law at the College of Europe (Bruges). Teir researches are
part of the activity of the Interdepartmental Research Centre European Centre for Law,
Science and New Technologies (ECLT).
Amedeo Santosuosso teaches Law, Science and New Technologies at the University of
Pavia. He is among the founders of the ECLT and current President.

Te Young Scholars Papers series is a collection of the papers submitted by early
career researchers during the Young Scholars Informal Symposium organized annually by
the European Centre for Law, Science and New Technologies (ECLT).
Te Law & Science Young Scholars Informal Symposium has become both an institutional
and an informal forum within which young researchers (post-graduate researchers, Ph.D.
students, post-doc students or early-career researchers in general) in the feld of Law &
Science can discuss their research results, meet other young scholars in the sector, enjoy the
experience of participating in a conference and publish their papers.
Te papers concern the particular area of the interaction between law, science and new
technologies. Te use of English and the selection of participants through a review process
in several steps by international referees assure the scientifc quality of the papers. Each 2012 Law&Science Young Scholars Informal Symposium
2012 Law&Science
candidate s work is assessed by two members of the international evaluation panel at
abstract stage and by another two members at paper stage.
Young Scholars Informal


Book of papers

Texts published by Pavia University Press in the series Editoria scientifca have been peer-reviewed
prior to acceptance by the Editorial Board.
Alessandra Malerba Laura Massocchi Amedeo Santosuosso (eds.)
ISBN 978-88-96764-41-1

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