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The “2011 Law&Science - Young Scholars Informal Symposium” was held on June 10, 2011, in the Aula Scarpa   of the University of Pavia.

The aim of the Symposium was to create a forum for post-graduate scholars, PHD students and early-career researchers working in the area of Law and Science. It provided participants with an opportunity to present and discuss their research with senior researchers of the Law Science community in a constructive and friendly atmosphere.

Young researchers from around the world were asked to submit abstracts on any of the following topics:

a) The transnational law of science and converging technologies
b) Genetics and Biotechnology
c) Biobanks, Patents and Intellectual Property
d) Neuroscience and Law
e) New technologies
f) Artificial Intelligence
g) Ambient Intelligence
h) Freedom of scientific research

For this edition we received 19 applications from 5 countries: Italy, the UK, India, Germany and the USA. Each abstract was evaluated by three referees from different countries. 12 candidates were selected from among those who had submitted abstracts, but three of them withdrew.
Katrina Sifferd, an Associate Professor of Philosophy who has produced excellent work, appeared as a special out-of-competition guest.
Each candidate's work was assessed by three members of the Evaluation Panel at abstract stage and by another three members at paper stage.

Call for Abstract 2012

Evaluation Panel

The experts who participated in the selection process were:

Charles Baron                   Boston College Law School                                           U.S.A.
Alfredo Calcedo Barba       Psiquiatría Legal, Universidad Complutense de Madrid     Spain
Lisa Claydon                     Bristol Law School                                                        U.K.
Francesco Cucca               Biomedical Science, University of Sassari                       Italy
Pim Haselager                  Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour       Netherlands
Alan Meisel                      Center for Bioethics and Health Law                               U.S.A.
Ilja Pavone                       Institute for International Legal Studies, Italian National   Italy
                                      Research Council    
Federico Pizzetti                University of Milan                                                       Italy
Carlo Alberto Redi             Department of Animal Biology, University of  Pavia          Italy
Amedeo Santosuosso        ECLT Centre, University of Pavia                                    Italy
Anne-Lise Sibony              University of Liège                                                        Belgium
Bratislav Stankovic            School of Law, University American College Skopje         Macedonia

Unfortunately, one Young Scholar (Vishal Vijayvargiya) could not attend the Symposium, but her paper was still reviewed. It competed just as the others for the Fondazione Maugeri Prize.

Papers were presented by:

Sara Quiriconi (European University Institute, Italy), “Drug Courts between Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Neurolaw. Some remarks on the disease model of addiction from a legal perspective”;

Patrizio D’andrea  (University of Ferrara, Italy), “Genetic tests direct-to-consumer. From «informed consent» to «informed will»”;

Matteo Dragoni  (University of Pavia and University of Macerata, Italy), “Biosimilars regulation between safety and economic concerns: a comparative analysis”;

Rossana Ducato (University of Trento, Italy), “Biobanks between Law and Technology: how to promote data sharing in the digital era”;

Matteo Macilotti  (University of Trento, Italy), “Human tissues in three dimensions: material, informational and ethical”;

Katrina Sifferd  (Elmhurst College, USA), “Changing the Criminal Character: Nanotechnology and Criminal Punishment”;

Barbara Bottalico (University of Pavia, Italy) - Tommaso Bruni (University of Milan, Italy), “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Neuroscience, and the Law”;

Daniele Ruggiu  (University of Padua, Italy), “Synthetic biology and human rights in Europe”;

Cecilia Zorzoli (University of Pavia, Italy), “Cryopreservation of embryos: the Italian situation in a European perspective”;

Vishal Vijayvargiya (Amity Law School, India), “Bio Banks, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights in a comparative study between USA, Europe & India”.

Keynote Lectures

According to the formula of the Symposium, in addition to the Young Scholars’ presentations there was also a keynote lecture by an international expert at the beginning of each session.

It was an honour for the ECLT Centre and the University of Pavia to host
John Searle , Professor of Philosophy at the University of California and one of the greatest living philosophers. His lecture was delivered in perfect exciting US style , and concerned “Language and the Social Reality” .
He was introduced by Ian Carter , Associate Professor in Political Philosophy at the University of Pavia.

The afternoon session was opened by
Orsetta Zuffardi , Professor of Medical Genetics at the University of Pavia, with a lecture on “Genetic diagnosis: the first tier investigation?”. She was introduced by Silvia Garagna , Director of the ECLT Centre.

Fondazione Maugeri Prize - 2011 Law&Science Young Scholar

Fondazione Maugeri Prize, sponsored by Fondazione Maugeri of Pavia, is awarded to the three best papers as selected by the International Evaluation Panel.  

First Prize : “Human tissues in three dimensions: material, informational and ethical”, Matteo Macilotti (University of Trento, Italy)

Second Prize : “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Neuroscience, and the Law”, Barbara Bottalico (University of Pavia, Italy) & Tommaso Bruni (University of Milan, Italy)

Third Prize : “Biobanks between Law and Technology: how to promote data sharing in the digital era”, Rossana Ducato (University of Trento, Italy)

Given the success of this edition it is likely that the Symposium  will become one of the most significant events the ECLT promotes to boost the interest of young researchers in Law&Science.


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