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Carlo Previdere' - ECLT - Università di Pavia

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Carlo Previdere'

Birth date and place:
May 5, 1963, Vigevano (Italy).

Career summary:
from 1997 today: assistant researcher, University of Pavia. Head of Forensic Genetics Lab.

March 1998-December 1998: Visiting scientist, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK.
1990-1993: PhD in Forensic Toxicological Sciences, University of Verona.
1982-1987: Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences .

Academic activities:
Teaching for students of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technicians, Postgraduate School of Legal Medicine, educational workshops for undergraduate students.

The research activity is focused mainly on Forensic Genetics, developing analytical protocols and interpretation guidelines for the correct evaluation of the results obtained from forensic casework. Lineage markers such as mtDNA and Y-chromosome STRs and SNPs have been extensively studied. Set up of analytical protocols for genetic identification of migrants drowned in recent shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea.

Italian Society of Forensic Genetics (GeFI), International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG)

Other skills:
Forensic Genetics Lab Coordinator of collaborative exercises and proficiency testing for the Italian Society of Forensic Genetics (GeFI). Expert testimony (Forensic Genetics) for Italian Courts.

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