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Diritto, scienza, nuove tecnologie - ECLT - Università di Pavia

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Diritto, scienza, nuove tecnologie


Diritto, scienza, nuove tecnologie

The areas in which the greatest scientific and technological development has been made are those of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and the cognitive sciences. In the coming decades their convergence will significantly increase our sensory and motor skills and improve interaction between the mind and things, between individuals and social groups.

Synthetic biology and ambient intelligence (AmI) are examples of areas which are the direct result of this convergence whilst other, more traditional, areas have taken on a new-tech dimension. Two such examples are the field of medicine in which great use is now made of new technologies (for example in assisted reproduction) and police investigations which increasingly rely on the science of genetics and new technologies. We will all have to come to terms with the media and Information and Communication Technologies (Ambient Intelligence Space - AmISpace) intruding on our privacy.

Some people are of the opinion that in a few decades there will be a true Golden Age for mankind. It may well be asked, therefore, whether the next Golden Age will require any form of law?

The flourishing of these technologies, however, does not reduce the need for legal rules. In fact,  the European public seems to increasingly require such rules as a condition for acceptance of scientific developments.

Which law will be able to resolve such conflicts in the converging technologies?

The book addresses these topics.

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Where to buy the book:

The book is available in the best bookstores at the price of  26,00 euros.
You can also buy it online HERE

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