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ECLT - Università di Pavia

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The interdepartmental research center, the European Centre for Law, Science and New Technologies (ECLT), is continuing the activity of the European Centre for Life Sciences, Health and the Courts (ECLSC). The latter was established in 2004 and had been an outlet for activity begun some years previously by Amedeo Santosuosso and Carlo Alberto Redi, in collaboration with Andrea Belvedere, Sergio Seminara, Silvia Garagna and other Italian and international lawyers and scientists.
The “Cesare Beccaria” Department of Criminal Law and Procedure, the Department of Roman Law, History and the Philosophy of Law , the Department of Legal Studies, the Department of Animal Biology and the Department of Forensic Medicine are connected to the Centre.
What makes the Centre stand out is its international perspective and the fact that highly innovative issues are addressed in an interdisciplinary fashion by both legal and scientific departments.
The Centre aims,  as it always has done, to:
promote scientific dialogue between lawyers and scientists through the organization of meetings and seminars and other study and research activities, increasing awareness of the theoretical and practical interrelationship between law and science;

provide European judges with relevant information on civil, criminal and administrative cases arising from applications of life sciences and new technologies;
provide scientists with opportunities to discuss and deepen their examination of the legal and social context in which they operate.
Research focuses on conflicts arising from the latest medical and biological techniques applied to humans and the challenge faced by the law in regulating social relations and coping with the technological revolution. In recent years the Centre has extended its attention to the latest technologies, including Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and the impact they have at legal, social and ethical levels.

President: Amedeo Santosuosso
Directors: Carlo Alberto Redi (2004-2006); Silvia Garagna (2006-...)

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