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Robotics & Neuroscience


MIT and Georgia Institute of Technology developed a robot which can be used for the automated record of electrical activity of neurons in the living brain. The robotic arm, guided by a cell-detecting computer algorithm handles a tiny hollow glass pipette into a small opening in the brain.
Furthermore the record of electrical activity, it can identify the shape of neurons (through the injection of a dye) and even a profile of which genes are turned on in a given moment. The great accuracy and speed of the robot allows avoiding long and complex training for human operators for learning how to do the same procedure manually.
A robot like this could potentially be used to infuse drugs at targeted points in the brain, or to deliver gene therapy vectors, or in the study of some diseases (like Parkinson, schizophrenia, autism and epilepsy) through the study of molecular changes occurred in the brain due to some diseases.

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