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Law, Science and New Technologies – University of Pavia
Amedeo Santosuosso

Biological and medical research and their application to humans are a challenge to law and its ability to regulate social relations.
Cloning, embryonic stem cells, familiarity of genetic characteristics, eugenics, assisted reproduction, refusal of medical treatments, assisted suicide, P.V.S. (Permanent Vegetative State), legal definition of death, transplants and xeno-transplants, neurosciences, robots, intellectual property rights are the main issues.
Legal rules in these fields are presented and discussed in the course. Special attention is reserved to interaction science-law and case-law at international level.
The impact of these hot topics on basic legal assumptions (such as “individual” and “physical-legal person”) and on constitutional law (in the EU and worldwide) are also discussed.


A. Santosuosso, Diritto, Scienza e Nuove Tecnologie, CEDAM 2011

Other materials (case law and other sources) will be given during the course.

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